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3 Home Areas Where A Garden Window Could Offer Light And Storage Space

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A garden window has a protruding shape that features a vertical rear pane, aitled upper and lower panes, and vented side panes. The general shape allows maximum amounts of light to enter the area and the closable vents offer a way to allow ambient air to pass through. The name comes from the fact that you could easily grow plants or herbs within this little window box. But the garden window can offer light and storage spaces in areas of your home other than the kitchen. Read More»

3 Reasons To Consider Electrochromic Windows

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Electrochromic windows are one of the more beneficial and high-tech options available to you if you are planning on replacing the windows throughout your business. This type of window uses glass that will get darker or lighter depending on the electrical current that is run through it. Listed below are three reasons to consider electrochromic windows. Help Keep Your House Cooler One of the biggest reasons for considering electrochromic windows is that they can help block out a significant portion of sunlight, which can lead to your business being a few degrees cooler throughout the day. Read More»

Answering A Few Questions About Windshield Damage And Repairs

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The windshield of your car will be subjected to a number of intense stresses and impacts. These collisions can result in the glass developing cracks, chips, and punctures. Unfortunately, there are many car owners that lack the experience or knowledge needed to understand this particular problem. If you have rarely given your car’s windshield much thought, you might need to have the following couple of questions about this routine problem addressed. Read More»

Simple Ways To Protect Your Windshield This Summer

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Although sometimes overlooked, the windshield glass is a very important part of your vehicle. Not only does it allow you to see the road clearly, it can also protect you in the event of an impact. Keeping your glass in good condition is key. Here are just some of the ways you can protect your glass this summer. Inspect Your Wipers Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. Worn wiper blades can damage windshield glass. Read More»

Get That Rock Chip Repaired Before You Have To Replace The Entire Windshield

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The car in front of you kicks up a rock which bounces off of your windshield, causing a tiny chip. You forget about the incident and, in a few days, notice a thin crack extending out from the chip. By the end of the day, the crack has made it all the way across your windshield. Here is how that simple chip causes a bigger problem and why you need to get it repaired now before you have to replace the entire windshield. Read More»

Are Your Windows Thin? Replace The Glass But Keep The Frames And Save

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  If you have wood windows throughout your house and the frames are in good condition, but you worry that the glass is thin and inefficient, it’s time to invest the money to replace the glass. Inefficient windows can cause around 30 percent of your climate controlled air to flow outside, which can drive up the cost of your monthly power bill. Fortunately, you can stop throwing this money away.  Read More»

3 Creative Ways To Use The Glass From A Broken Window

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Breaking a window in your home can be quite stressful. Once the broken glass pane has been replaced with a new one, you may find yourself wondering what to do with a damaged window. If you want to give your broken window new life, and the pane that shattered was large enough to produce a lot of glass shards, here are three simple projects that can be completed using broken glass. Read More»

Don't Be Afraid....Glass Shower Doors And Phobias

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There are approximately 6.3 million persons who have a diagnosed phobia in America. However, there may be millions more who may have milder versions of these phobias. While some of these can, in fact, affect normal functioning in daily life, some can be helped by making small adjustments in your home. One such adjustment is that of installing a glass shower door in your bathroom. Two specific phobias that might be helped by this addition are claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) and mysophobia (fear of germs). Read More»