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3 Creative Ways To Use The Glass From A Broken Window

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Breaking a window in your home can be quite stressful. Once the broken glass pane has been replaced with a new one, you may find yourself wondering what to do with a damaged window.

If you want to give your broken window new life, and the pane that shattered was large enough to produce a lot of glass shards, here are three simple projects that can be completed using broken glass.

1. Create an artistic mosaic to hang inside your home.

The broken pieces of glass from a shattered window can easily be transformed into a work of art. Creating a mosaic is simple, and you only need a few supplies from your local craft store.

Invest in a canvas that is large enough to accommodate the space where you want to hang your mosaic, buy some colorful glass paint, and purchase some glue that dries clear to affix your glass to the canvas.

Paint your canvas a unique color, then trace a shape onto it. Use some glass paint to add color to the clear pieces of broken glass from your window pane. Place pieces of broken glass inside the traced shape, and glue them down once you have arranged the mosaic to your liking. Hang your new art on a wall, and enjoy your newly-renovated broken window.

2. Add a glass mosaic to a tabletop.

Adding glass to the tops of your end tables can be a great way to update your existing furniture. Glass mosaics are both artistic and functional, making them the perfect option for reusing your broken windows in the future.

Invest in a mosaic kit from your local craft store, and apply the mosaic medium to your tabletop according to the manufacturer's directions. Using glass paint, add color to each shard of glass so that your completed mosaic will complement your home's existing decor. Begin placing shards of glass onto the medium, creating a mosaic pattern that you enjoy.

Allow the medium to dry completely, then style your newly-renovated end tables and enjoy your broken windows in a new way.

3. Make a decorative ball for your garden.

Adding glass elements to your garden can be a great way to create visual interest. One simple way to incorporate your broken glass windows into your outdoor living space is by creating a decorative concrete ball that can be placed in your flower beds.

Purchase a bag of quick-dry concrete mix, and prepare according to the manufacturer's directions. Alternating layers of concrete and mesh around a plastic ball, create a solid sphere that you can use as the base for your glass mosaic.

Paint your clear glass shards various colors using transparent glass paint, and embed them in the outermost layer of concrete to create a mosaic design that will complement your garden.

Finding ways to use a broken window doesn't have to be difficult. Create wall art, dress up a table top, or create decorative garden elements, and you will give new life to your broken glass. For more information about dealing with a broken window, visit websites like