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Are Your Windows Thin? Replace The Glass But Keep The Frames And Save

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  If you have wood windows throughout your house and the frames are in good condition, but you worry that the glass is thin and inefficient, it's time to invest the money to replace the glass. Inefficient windows can cause around 30 percent of your climate controlled air to flow outside, which can drive up the cost of your monthly power bill. Fortunately, you can stop throwing this money away. 

You can keep the wood frames that are already in place and aren't causing a problem, and just have the glass removed and replaced. Here are a few things to talk with the window contractor about, and to get a quote on.

Seal the Frames

Have the wood windows stained and sealed, to help with preservation and to improve the look of the windows. The sealant is going to shield moisture from the wood frames to prevent moisture from getting inside the house, and to stop the wood from getting softened or rotting. While sealing the frames, the window experts can look for any other damages.

Replace the Glass

Have all the window glass replaced with a thicker more energy efficient option. Double pane windows are also a great choice. Replacing only the glass is cheaper than replacing all the window frames, and the window professionals will make sure the window glass is sealed and secure. The old glass can be recycled. The thicker the glass, the more sound proof it will become as well.

Add Film

Have a solar protective shield put on the glass to block out the sun. This is going to prevent heat from transferring through the windows during the summer, and it stops the UV rays from doing damage to things inside the house. You can get this film already on the windows, or you can have it put on after.

There are a lot of different features to look for if you're going to replace your windows, but there is no reason to replace the frames if they are still in good condition. You'll want to talk with the window contractors to see how much it's going to cost to have the glass in your windows replaced, along with the costs to have the existing wood window frames treated and sealed. The window experts can show you what different glass options are going to be the most suitable for your home so that you can make your space more efficient. Contact a glass replacement expert in your area for more information.