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Don't Be Afraid....Glass Shower Doors And Phobias

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There are approximately 6.3 million persons who have a diagnosed phobia in America. However, there may be millions more who may have milder versions of these phobias. While some of these can, in fact, affect normal functioning in daily life, some can be helped by making small adjustments in your home. One such adjustment is that of installing a glass shower door in your bathroom. Two specific phobias that might be helped by this addition are claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) and mysophobia (fear of germs).

So, if you have any of these phobias, diagnosed or undiagnosed, and you are looking for suggestions on how changes in your home can help you cope, here is how a glass shower door might help you.

Wide open spaces

There are between 2 to 10 million Americans who suffer from claustrophobia. One such place in the home where this can be acutely felt is in the shower, especially if your bathroom is already small at about 6 feet long by 6 feet wide, the smallest, standard bathroom dimensions in America. Installing glass shower doors can allow more light to enter your shower enclosure and provide a more open feel to the area. The lack of a shower curtain in a glass enclosure can also help as shower curtains can create a crowded feeling in the shower.

The openings of glass shower doors can also be chosen to make you feel more comfortable and less crowded as well. You can choose from doors that slide from side-to-side and doors that pivot, without hinges that can make the shower quite easy to exit. In addition, small bathrooms or tight corners can be made to feel larger with the use of rounded or angled doors.

Keep it germ free

The bathroom can be one of the most germ-infested places in the home, along with the kitchen. One of the places that these germs can gather is on tiles and grout and especially in the folds of wet, warm shower curtains. So if you suffer from mysophobia, this might be enough to keep you completely out of a shower. However, glass shower doors are reported to be more hygienic and are easier to clean. Your major concern then would be in keeping soap and hard water buildup from off your glass walls. These can be removed with a vinegar solution which comes with the added benefit of ramping up your germ-killing regime with its antibacterial properties. 

The average reported cost for installing a glass shower door is about $856, but it can actually vary in price from a low of about $175 to a high of almost $1,700. This will depend on the state of your current bathroom, your location and the fees of the general contractors in your area. However, this might be a minimal cost for your peace of mind.