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3 Home Areas Where A Garden Window Could Offer Light And Storage Space

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A garden window has a protruding shape that features a vertical rear pane, aitled upper and lower panes, and vented side panes. The general shape allows maximum amounts of light to enter the area and the closable vents offer a way to allow ambient air to pass through. The name comes from the fact that you could easily grow plants or herbs within this little window box. But the garden window can offer light and storage spaces in areas of your home other than the kitchen.

Here are a few home areas where you could utilize a garden window. Talk to a residential glass replacement and installation company for more information.

Walk-In Closet Window

Does your walk-in closet have space for a window? Adding in a garden window can add more natural light that will cut down on energy costs and give you a more detailed look at your clothing. And the shape of the window provides the perfect storage space for smaller items like clutch purses, flat shoes, or any other smaller items that are easily shoved aside or lost within a closet space.

Adding the window also allows you the ability to change the usage of the space if you should no longer need it as a closet. You could turn larger walk-ins into a small office or a dressing room with the natural light making the space feel more adaptable than a standard dark, closed in closet.

Small Bathroom Windows

Small bathrooms need additional ventilation assistance even when an exhaust fan is present. The garden window can add that ventilation ability with a hearty dose of natural light and a storage area that won't take up any of the minimal living space within the bathroom. You can store shampoos, toiletries, or even makeup on the flat bottom of the garden window.

Worried about privacy? You can purchase a garden window with the rear vertical panel made of frosted glass that won't let your neighbors peek in. Or you can choose a window with all of the glass frosted, which will still provide more natural light than a standard window in the same space. Talk to a company like Allied Glass & Mirror that specializes in residential glass to learn about your options.

Stairwell Window

Stairs are fairly easy to light with a standard window but stairwells also typically have windows that either don't open at all or have to open fully, which might provide more air than you need in the stairs. The garden window is a great middle option that will still add maximum light while also providing a small amount of ventilation that doesn't require you to open the whole window. And you can use the storage shelf to display photos or decor that can tie the stairs in with the rest of your home.