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Replacing A Portion Of Your Window Instead Of The Entire Unit

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If you think your high heating and cooling bills are related to your wood windows, it’s time to consider replacement. If you are worried about the budget for the project and how much money it’s going to cost you to have new windows installed, there are some ways you can save money. It’s important to know what you are shopping for when you want to replace your windows, and how you can save money on the installation and purpose. Read More»

3 Ways To Keep Your Glass Tub Enclosure Looking Like New

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Having a glass shower or bathtub enclosure in your home can be an excellent alternative to a traditional shower curtain. Furthermore, glass enclosures are generally seen as being more modern and updated, which can add value to your home as well. However, glass shower enclosures can also be notoriously difficult to keep clean because hard water and soak scum can easily build up on them over time. Fortunately, there are a few steps every homeowner can take to keep their shower or tub glass looking shiny and new. Read More»