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2 Reasons To Purchase Impact-Resistant Windows

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Replacing the windows on your home is a great way to increase the safety and security of your home. Two reasons to consider installing a set of impact-resistant windows in your home are to take advantage of lower home insurance premiums and decrease the risk of break-ins.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums

One great benefit of impact-resistant windows is that your insurance company will often offer lower insurance premiums once those windows have been installed. The primary reason for this is that the windows decrease the chances that the interior of your home will be damaged or that your family will be injured during a storm that consists of high winds.

For example, when you have impact-resistant windows, it will be much harder for debris to actually break your windows. The reason for this is that your impact-resistant windows are made out of two panes of glass, which means that any flying debris will need to be flying fast enough to break through two pieces of strong glass. This minimizes the chances that the insurance company will have to pay for a claim to replace your windows.

Another reason that your insurance premiums may go down is that impact-resistant windows make it less likely that your family will be injured by shards of glass if the window is broken. This is due to the film that is located between the two panes of glass that is designed to keep the shards of glass in place if the window is shattered.

Decrease The Risk Of Break Ins

Due to the fact that impact-resistant windows are made of two panes of glass joined together by a film, these windows are a great way to reduce the risk of people breaking into your home. The primary reason for this is that it will take much longer for a burglar to get through impact-resistant windows since he or she will have to not only break two pieces of glass, but also remove the shards and dig through the film to get into your house.

The extra time and noise that getting through these windows requires will make it more likely that someone will notice the activity and contact the authorities. In many cases, the burglar may choose to walk away and find an easier target if the window turns out to be too difficult to break through.

Speak to a window dealer or contractor, such as Five Star Windows Inc, to discuss your window replacement options. Impact-resistant windows are a fantastic choice if you want to lower your insurance premiums, while also making your home safer and more secure.