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Planning To Purchase Glass Shower Doors? 2 Things You Must Consider

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If you are planning to purchase glass shower doors, there are things you should learn about the doors before you start shopping. This will ensure that you end up with the right purchase so you can enjoy your bathroom. To help you, below are two things you must consider.

Types of Glass

The standard glass used is clear glass which you will find with most shower doors that you see. Standard glass is easy to clean. There is also low-iron glass, which is made with less iron content, which is also a clear glass. Both clear and low-iron glass is beneficial if you want to showcase beautiful tile or other shower features.

Frosted glass is also available. This type is beneficial if you would like some privacy because a person cannot see clearly through the glass. The inside of the glass is smooth while the other is etched. This makes it much easier to clean inside the shower where glass needs the most cleaning due to moisture built up during a shower. The outside part of the frosted glass is etched and also easy to clean but will take a little longer.

If you want a decorative look, you can choose rain glass. This is a type of frosted glass that looks like rain is falling down your doors.  As with frost glass, the inside of the glass is smooth and the outside is etched. Rain glass conceals fingerprints, watermarks, etc.

Framed or Unframed

You have the option of choosing framed or unframed glass shower doors. With framed glass shower doors, the frame is made of metal. The frame is beneficial as framing provides more support to the glass shower panels. You can choose from a variety of finishes for the metal, such as bronze, brass, chrome, and nickel. Framed doors are generally less expensive when compared to unframed doors. One thing to consider with framed doors, however, is they are more difficult to clean. This is because dirt and debris can easily find their way around the frame.

Frameless shower doors offer an elegant look to your bathroom shower. Frameless is also much easier to clean. Heavy-duty glass is used because there is no frame. You will see no hardware when you walk into the bathroom and look at the shower.

The main hardware you have to consider is the shower door handle. This can be found in a variety of styles and finishes.

Talk with a company that sells glass shower doors to learn much more to help you make the best decision.