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Three Reasons To Get A Glass Shower Door... And Three Reasons Not To

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A few decades ago, almost every bathroom had a shower enclosed by a fabric or plastic shower curtain. These days, however, more homeowners are opting for glass showers that make their shower area feel more enclosed. Are glass shower doors right for you? That really depends on your bathroom design, cleaning habits, and use preferences. Here are three reasons to install a glass shower door, along with three reasons to stick with a curtain.

Reasons to Install a Glass Shower Door

1. You won't have to keep replacing the shower curtain.

Shower curtains do not last very long. They tend to get moldy and stained, and then you either have to replace them or clean them. When you buy a glass shower door, you never have to buy another shower curtain, which saves you time and trips to the store.

2. Glass has a luxury appeal.

Especially if you use glass in other places in your bathroom design, a glass shower door can make your bathroom look very luxurious. Match it to some glass accents in the vanity or choose a mirror that matches the glass door. If you are thinking of selling your home, a luxurious bathroom with a glass door will attract many buyers and may help you fetch a higher price.

3. Glass doors are less prone to leaks.

When you have a shower curtain, you need to always make sure it is fully closed before you shower. Otherwise, water tends to seep out onto the floor and cause damage. Kids are common culprits for showering with the shower curtain partially open because they don't notice it is flapped up at the bottom. Shower doors are easier to keep closed properly, and as such, they are less prone to leaks. This means you won't have as much water damage to repair. Since water damage can be costly to fix, shower doors can be worthwhile investments—especially when you have materials like wood in your bathroom that are prone to deteriorate when wet. 

Reasons Not to Install a Glass Shower Door

1. Glass doors are not cheap.

You will pay at least a few hundred dollars for a lower-end glass shower door, and you will also have to pay someone to install it. If you are on a tight budget, there are more important upgrades to make to your bathroom, like installing a more water-efficient toilet or upgrading the pipes.

2. Glass doors don't offer much privacy.

If you like to shower while someone else uses the bathroom to get ready in the morning, you might be better off sticking with a shower curtain rather than a glass door. You can see through a glass door rather easily; shower curtains are usually opaque. You can find etched glass shower doors that do not let someone look through them, but this partially negates the point of choosing glass since it has a flatter, less stunning appearance.

3. Glass doors do need to be squeegeed often.

Glass doors last a long time, but you do need to keep them free of water spots. Squeegee the door after every shower to prevent mineral deposits from forming. If you are the kind of person who tends to neglect little tasks like this, you may be better off with a shower curtain that you can just replace every month or two as needed.

To learn more about glass shower doors, contact a company that installs them. They can take a look at your bathroom and help you decide if installing a door is worth it, or whether you should stick with a traditional shower curtain.