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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A New Vinyl Window

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If you are in the process of shopping to replace a window, and you are considering going with a vinyl window, there are a few things you need to know about vinyl windows that will help you solidify your purchasing decision.

No-Fade Colors

When looking at vinyl windows, make sure that you look for vinyl that is marked as no-fade. Older vinyl window frames used to turn yellow, with the color on the frames getting washed out over time. Newer vinyl window frames are made out of sturdier materials that do not fade or get washed out over time. Make sure that you look at the vinyl carefully and ensure that it is no-fade vinyl, so that the color will stick and stay.

Vinyl window frames come in a variety of colors, so you are not stuck with the same off-color white vinyl window frames of the past. You can purchase vinyl frames in a variety of colors, from red to green to blue. Keep in mind that colored vinyl window frames tend to cost more than white or tan-toned window frames.

Warm Edge Spacers Between Glass Panes

Next, look at the way that the glass is made that goes with the frame. The glass that you put inside of the frame is just as important as the frame itself. If you want energy-efficient windows, you need to purchase high-quality glass along with high-quality window frames. You may want to contact local glaziers to find a window glass replacement in your area that will suit your needs. Look for glass that comes with layers of inert gas in between each pane of glass as well as warm-edge spacers. This feature is officially known as low-e coating and will help regulate the temperature around your window.

Sealing Systems

Next, pay attention to the way that the window closes. You want the window to close firmly. A window that closes firmly will help keep your home warm. If they have any test samples, try them out and make sure that you can easily open and close the windows and that you can use the lock on the windows as well. Make sure that the lock is made of strong materials and will not break down over time.

When shopping for a replacement vinyl window, you need to to make sure that you are purchasing a high-quality vinyl window. Look for vinyl windows that have internal air chambers that provide strength and insulation, be sure that gas spacers are used between the glass panes, and keep in mind that you can now purchase vinyl that will not fade and get brittle.