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How To Create An Elegant Bathroom

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Whether it's a guest bathroom or your master bathroom, selecting an elegant theme will open the door to very special decorating. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and lovely.

The Walls

Whether you select paint or wallpaper, consider adding touches of metallic gold to the walls. For example, if you select paint, stenciling a design in gold would add drama to the room. Fleur-de-lis, rope, laurel leaf, and rosettes are all examples of stencils that would be beautiful in an elegant bathroom. Wallpaper with gold flocking as part of the design would also add formality to the room. If you want something very unique, consider wall murals that depict things like night scenes of famous cities, scenes from a ballet or an opera or a beach by night. If the murals don't already have metallic gold as part of their design, think about adding those touches yourself. For example, if you have chosen a beach scene, adding tiny paint strokes to the stars would be beautiful.

The Cabinetry And Countertops

Whether you select light wood or dark wood for your cabinets, consider dressing them up with gorgeous hardware. For example, brass or gold-toned drawer pulls and knobs. Besides being beautiful on their own, they would also enhance the gold touches that you have chosen for the wall treatment.  Think about marble or granite for the countertops. Again, gold-tones for the faucets and other hardware would add to the elegant look you want. 

The Floors

Marble floors would be stunning. However, have you thought about having a faux-painted concrete floor in the bathroom? Gifted artisans could give the concrete floor the look of a Persian carpet, marble, Italian tile, or almost anything your mind can conceive. Of course, carpet or hardwood floors would also be beautiful, but they would require more care than marble floors or concrete floors. 

The Bathtub and Shower

Do you want a contemporary look, a traditional one, or an old-fashioned one? Whichever you select, think of adding water-jets. If you want an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub there are modern replicas that are jetted. If you have the space, select a separate walk-in shower that features state-of-the-art shower heads. In addition, consider a seamless shower door. Selecting one with elegant towel holders would add to the beauty of the room.

As you select decor for your bathroom, consider shopping at antique shops and at boutiques that will have one-of-a-kind pieces which will add elegant touches to the room. For assistance with items such as shower doors, talk to a professional like Alabama Glass Works Inc.