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Replacing Your Windows: Options For You

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When you decide that your next home improvement project should be to replace your windows, you find yourself faced with a wide variety of options and choices. While the prospect of choosing the perfect windows for your home may seem daunting, it can be quite simple if you understand the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of windows. So, get to know your replacement window options and get started on your big home improvement project as soon as possible. 

Picture Windows

One of the most popular choices in replacement windows are picture windows. This option allows for the best possible view from the windows as it is an unobstructed, solid piece of glass. 

Most windows have some sort of border or framing that blocks or partially blocks your view of the outdoors. Picture windows can be custom-made and designed to fit any any size or shape. These windows use energy-efficient low-e glass as well, so that you have an excellent view but do not sacrifice energy efficiency in the process. 

The only issue with picture windows is that they are completely fixed in place. This means that they cannot be opened for airflow or ventilation. As such, picture windows are best used in combination with other types of windows to allow ventilation as well as a view. One large picture window surrounded by smaller sliding or double-hung windows allows for ventilation as well as the preservation of your view. 

Bay or Bow Windows

Bay windows or bow windows are an excellent replacement window option for you. These windows feature an added small ledge or even a seat in the window frame to add space and a third dimension to your window space. 

If you enjoy curling up in the sunlight with a good book and a cup of tea, or have a pet that enjoys sunning itself while looking outside and keeping an eye on the neighborhood, then bay or bow windows are an excellent option for you. For a bay window to be a viable and safe option, they are best installed on ground-level windows. This is due to the added reinforcement needed to prevent the bay window from sagging or falling. 

Bay windows, because of the addition of a seat and reinforcements, do tend to cost more than other window options. However, the added space and the comfort of a seat right in the sun will make your home feel more spacious and interesting. Additionally, should you ever decide to re-sell your home, a bay window or box window is a good selling point. 

Now that you know some of the more interesting choices available for your replacement windows, you can make your selections and get to work. The sooner you choose, the sooner you will have your beautiful new windows installed. Talk to a company like A-1 Glass Co Inc to get started with window replacement.